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The worldwide activities of Gruen Associates and its professional staff are directed by five Partners: Michael A. Enomoto, FAIA; Larry Schlossberg, AIA, AICP, LEED AP BD+C; Debra Gerod, FAIA, LEED AP; Ashok Vanmali, AIA and Jill Wagner, AIA, LEED AP. This partnership team represents the 4th, 5th and 6th generations of Partners. The Partnership continually renews itself with the acceptance of new Partners, often from the ranks of the firm, building on past traditions and experience with fresh viewpoints and renewed vigor. Sharing 120+ years of combined professional experience with the firm, a common purpose of design and planning excellence as well as client satisfaction, the Partners have guided the multi-faceted, innovative work and employees of the firm toward steady growth and consistent professional recognition.

Michael A. Enomoto, FAIA

Michael A. Enomoto, FAIA

Michael joined the firm in 1973 and was named Managing Partner in 2009.

Larry Schlossberg, AIA, AICP, LEED AP BD+C

Larry Schlossberg, AIA, AICP, LEED AP BD+C

Larry joined the firm in 1987 and was named Partner in 1997.

Debra Gerod, FAIA, LEED AP

Debra Gerod, FAIA, LEED AP

Debra joined the firm in 1988 and was named Partner in 2002.

Ashok Vanmali, AIA

Ashok joined the firm in 1984 and was named Partner in 2002.

Jill Wagner, AIA, LEED AP

Jill joined the firm in 2000 and was named Partner in 2022.

Associates Group

At the heart of Gruen’s leadership group are the “Associates.” The professional core has been developed over many years and contributes significantly to the strength and capability of our team. Associates are often advanced from within the firm in recognition of merit. In light of our policy of maintaining a dynamic, creative and self-renewing leadership, these individuals are progressively entrusted with increased responsibility. They contribute to the identification, loyalty and dedication that have endowed Gruen Associates with exceptional stability at the professional level.

Most important of all, their professional growth has not only caused them to rise from the ranks, but has resulted in their ability to translate the firm’s objectives and guidance from the Partners into independent action. It is this professional nucleus that represents the next generation of leadership. Associate Partners, Principal Associates, Senior Associates and Associates are the Associates Group. Traditionally, the partners are “graduates” from this group. The five Partners of today were all promoted from this group and they represent the 4th, 5th and 6th generation of partners.

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