Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) Transit Center

Mt. San Antonio, California

Gruen is the Architect and Landscape Architect for the conceptual and final design of a new Foothill Transit hub center on the Mt. San Antonio College campus. This project was a collaboration between Foothill Transit Authority and Mt. San Antonio College to create a streamlined approach for improved access to the campus. The project also required coordination with teams working on a new pedestrian bridge that will be built above the transit center and create opportunities for vertical circulation options and alternative access.

The transit center site development will include accessible pathways with decorative etched and colored concrete, pavers and accent landscaping to provide additional green space and shading to the waiting riders. Low Impact Development measures include a vegetated bioswale and permeable pavers to treat stormwater on-site. Innovative transit shelters are designed as a thoughtful series of tree-like structures that gives the transit plaza a unique sense of place while helping to define a space that is both welcoming and visually dynamic.