University of California Riverside Mobility Hub and Central Campus Improvements

Riverside, California

Gruen Associates is the Prime Consultant and Landscape Architect for landscape design services with design architect, Moore Ruble Yudell. Together, the team developed a Site Program and Narrative, Concept Plan, and Preliminary Cost Estimates for the UCR Mobility Hub and for North Campus Drive Improvements as part of Phase I. The project includes a new pedestrian mall between the UCR Mobility Hub and Aberdeen Drive, improvements at the intersection of Aberdeen Drive, and a new pedestrian mall to Linden Street (Recreation Mall).

The UCR Mobility Hub is a partnership between University of California, Riverside (UCR) and Riverside Transit Agency (RTA), to build the necessary facilities to consolidate and expand RTA service routes to UCR at the present location of Parking Lot 19, on the UCR campus at Riverside, to serve as a transit hub. Based on UCR’s Physical Master Plan Study (2016) and the UCR Mobility Hub Concept Study (2016), the project addresses current and future transportation needs of the campus through the effective integration of transit, passenger drop-off, and bicycle and pedestrian connections at a convenient central location on campus.