East 6th Street Green Infrastructure Corridor

Los Angeles, California

The East 6th Street Green Infrastructure Corridor Project is located in Boyle Heights along East 6th Street and is bounded by Hollenbeck Park to the west and Matthews Street to the east. The Project lies within the Upper Los Angeles River Watershed and as part of Measure W, the Safe Clean Water (SCW) Program, this project plans to install various stormwater infrastructure improvements along East 6th Street, between St. Louis Street and Matthews Street, to improve stormwater management and provide community enhancement. The Project is expected to capture, treat, and infiltrate approximately 0.7 acre-feet of stormwater annually from a 49.6-acre drainage area. The overall objective of this Project is to implement a system of best management practices (BMPs) that will improve the water quality of stormwater runoff before it reaches the Los Angeles River. The installation of the green street infrastructure components will capture and infiltrate stormwater, reduce localized flooding during rain events and improve stormwater quality. The Project’s new stormwater components will include new street trees in tree wells, parkway bioswales, curb extensions and approximately 1,200 square feet of parkway landscaping. Additionally, educational signage and a pet waste station shall also be installed.