Envision Simi Valley Specific Plan

Simi Valley, California

Envision Simi Valley is a visionary project that seeks to transform the Los Angeles Avenue and Tapo Street areas into vibrant and thriving places with a strong sense of community. Funded by state grants, the project has identified three core components to achieve this transformation.

Firstly, the project aims to create a detailed strategy that will position Los Angeles Avenue as the new downtown of the city, while restoring Tapo Street’s historic “main street” appeal. This will involve developing new infrastructure and amenities that will attract more businesses and visitors to the area; thereby, stimulating economic growth and creating job opportunities for residents. Secondly, the project will update the city’s economic development strategy for these two areas to meet the future needs of residents, businesses, and visitors. This includes integrating mixed uses to increase walkability, housing, and support commercial uses. The project will also prioritize sustainable transportation options such as new bike lanes and pedestrian-oriented streetscapes. And lastly, the project will enhance the community landscape and mobility patterns by reconfiguring roadways, repurposing underutilized surface parking lots, and integrating new multimodal connectivity. This will create a more cohesive and accessible urban environment that fosters social interaction and enhances the quality of life for residents.

To ensure that the project meets the needs and expectations of the community, a robust public outreach strategy has been developed by our team. This includes three public workshops, three pop-up events, one-on-one interviews with business owners and other stakeholders, and an engaging project website that provides regular updates and opportunities for feedback.