Wilmington Neighborhood Greening

Wilmington, California

The Wilmington Neighborhood Greening Project is set to improve the environment of the surrounding community by capturing and recycling runoff from the streets north of the Wilmington Recreation Center. An underground tank will be built for filtration and detention, which will reduce stormwater pollutants by 80.3% to 100%. To preserve the existing native trees within the park, the project will adhere to City tree protection and replacement guidelines from the beginning. Surveying the trees for location, trunk diameter, health, and vigor will determine the boundaries of the tree protection zones and inform the overall park design. Additionally, new landscaping and street trees will be planted along Bay View Avenue and C Street to capture and treat stormwater runoff naturally. This will increase shade, reduce pollution, provide habitat for pollinators and local wildlife, and decrease the heat island effect along the sidewalk. The landscape will enhance the environment of the surrounding neighborhood and provide a greener route to the recreation center. The project will also include educational signage to inform the community about biodiversity, pollution, California native plants, and stormwater quality. The refurbishment of the sports fields will also improve recreation and fitness opportunities, and enhance the habitat shared by residents, native plants and animals.