Cerritos TOD Demonstration Project

Cerritos, California

SCAG retained Gruen Associates as its prime consultant to prepare a conceptual Master Plan (urban design, planning and overall management) for redevelopment and improvement to approximately 400 acres in Cerritos—including the Los Cerritos Center, the Cerritos Auto Square and adjacent properties—to serve as a regional transportation hub and Transit-Oriented District (TOD) in a walkable, park-like environment. A catalyst for the TOD Demonstration Project was the potential location of a Transit Station on the West Santa Ana Branch of the Pacific Electric Right-of-Way (PE ROW). The PE ROW provides recreational opportunities for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and equestrians, convenient access to jobs, public facilities and shopping. The conceptual Master Plan is a guide for the future revitalization and redevelopment of the project area. It builds around existing core strengths of regional shopping, the auto square and commercial centers, and will allow this area to be continually re-energized and gradually transformed as a district destination even before transit is constructed. Gruen also provided prototype projects and proforma, based on our land use development standards and design guidelines, to achieve high-quality private development for the City, which may be used by the City in creating a specific plan. The City of Cerritos is using portions of the plan for standards.