Westwood Village Streetscape Plan

Westwood, California

As a follow-up to the revised Westwood Village Specific Plan prepared by Gruen Associates—updated the landmark Specific Plan of the early 1970’s; the 1st in Los Angeles—Gruen’s landscape architects prepared a Streetscape Plan for the 45-acre Specific Plan area. Completed in 1999, the constructed streetscape encompasses street trees, pedestrian crossings, street lights and other streetscape components. The project included extensive coordination with the City of Los Angeles’ multiple departments as well as public outreach. At the time, Westwood Village was unique in that it was one of the few pedestrian-oriented locations in the city, and the Streetscape Plan was designed to make the Village more attractive by creating an environment that strengthens this pedestrian orientation. Construction documents were prepared for Phase I of the $4 million improvement program. The improvements were financed by an assessment district. The project is the recipient of an APA Implementation Award and a City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission Design Excellence Award.