San Luis Land Port of Entry

San Luis, Arizona

Gruen Associates is part of the Design-Build team for the expansion and modernization of the San Luis Land Port of Entry located in San Luis, Arizona; located on the U.S./Mexico border. It is bounded by Urtuzuastegui Street (U Street) to the north, the U.S./Mexico border to the south, begins at Main Street to the west, and ends at 2nd Avenue. Gruen Associates is the Executive Architect, Land Use Planner, and Landscape Architect working alongside Design Architect (Jones Studio) and Hensel Phelps Construction.

With the Federal General Services Administration San Luis Master Plan as the foundation, our team is committed to achieving the fundamental goals of streamlining vehicular circulation for efficient inspection, integrating the facility with its surroundings for aesthetic appeal, enhancing the pedestrian experience through thoughtful design, and prioritizing CBP officer safety with strategic surveillance placement. Through these objectives, we aim to improve efficiency, enhance security, and create a welcoming gateway to the United States.

In tackling the challenge of a land crossing design, our team recognizes the intricate balance required to ensure both safety and hospitality at the border. While maintaining security is paramount, we also aim to create an environment that is welcoming and dignified for travelers entering the United States. We believe in the unifying concept that “the border is what joins us, not what separates us.”

Our goal is not simply to deliver an improved facility, but an excellent one that sets a standard for modernization and functionality. Our approach emphasizes simplicity in design and efficient systems to create a facility that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and durable. We prioritize the use of low-maintenance materials and thoughtful water-sensitive landscaping to enhance the overall beauty and sustainability of the site. The vision for the San Luis Land Port of Entry is one of excellence, representing a harmonious blend of functionality, security, and welcoming design.