Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Earthquake Damage Repair*

Los Angeles, California

Gruen Associates was involved in a repair program in regard to earthquake damage to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Famous for hosting the 1932 Olympics, the Coliseum suffered serious damage from the Northridge earthquake, jeopardizing not only the 1994 football season, but its very existence. Gruen’s on-site role was to assist the Project Manager by providing project management consultation services and other assistance including daily repair work observation walks, monitoring of the overall reconstruction progress and schedule, review of progress payment requests, and coordination with FEMA, OES and various other agencies. Due in large part to Gruen Associatesʼ active involvement, especially in the monitoring of budget and schedule issues, the project was completed in time for the opening of the 1994 football season.

* Gruen Associates is the Executive Architect.