Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Streetscape Project (LiNC)

Santa Monica, California

The Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Streetscape Project (LiNC) is the first phase to be implemented from a 10+ year planning process. The LiNC consists of two main goals; to enhance the physical environment and pedestrian safety through streetscape improvements and improve the aesthetic quality of the corridor through various place-making developments. The final design for the LiNC is along 17 blocks of Lincoln Boulevard from the I-10 Freeway to Ozone Avenue. The improvements incorporated enhanced crosswalks, landscaped medians with pedestrian refuges, new pedestrian and street lighting, bicycle connectors, new street trees, and curb extensions with stormwater bioswales.

Community outreach engaged local residents and business owners with the project status during the lengthy planning and design phases. The community members showed great enthusiasm and interest in many of the design elements, and especially the use of native and drought-tolerant plant material.