Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct Complex Improvement Project

Los Angeles, California

In collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, the 400-foot-long pedestrian and bike bridge over the LA River connects the existing LA River Bikeway to the surrounding community. The bridge integrates the historic “Red Car” line foundation structures currently in the LA River to the new pedestrian bridge to create a link between the past, present, and future. As the architects and landscape architects for the PS&E services for the project, Gruen Associates’ approach was to seamlessly integrate landscape elements within the civil infrastructure and transportation improvements. The new sustainable landscaping will not only help clean and filter stormwater that falls onto the surrounding hardscape, it will contribute to the native habitat for local pollinators and is ecologically responsible, given the location’s proximity to the LA River.

The team is designing new landscaping to meet the current sustainability goals of Caltrans that will include a new infiltration basin to protect the water quality of the LA River as well as landscaped screening and buffering for adjacent residents. Gruen’s approach relies on an understanding of the unique site conditions and character of the project area while evaluating and carefully considering previous environmental studies and reports. This project will build upon the adjoining existing park and create an even larger recreation area for residents and visitors who want to enjoy the LA River and learn about the ecology of the river and the process of water infiltration.