Camp Shiwaka

Long Beach, California

Gruen’s landscape architecture team is providing all phases of design and construction documents for Camp Shiwaka and the Campfire USA Long Beach Area Council in the City of Long Beach. Gruen is collaborating with the Campfire staff regarding native plants and sustainable approaches to create an ecological and educational landscape for the outdoor gathering areas. This six acre project includes the use of decomposed granite pathways, interpretative displays of native flora, a physical challenge course, fire rings and the Campfire “magic circles”. The Camp Shiwaka discovery trail will inform and educate the visitors to the various unique aspects of the site. The trail will pass through oak woodlands, California sycamore riparian and mountain wilderness plant communities with view sheds into natural and built elements. Camp Shiwaka is intended to replicate original California terrain, and to be intentionally different from a conventional city park. Camp Shiwaka is located on public land, leased to Camp Fire from the City of Long Beach since 1969.