Altadena Golf Course

Los Angeles County, California

Altadena Golf Course is a nine-hole Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) golf course of approximately 60 acres. The first course built on this site was the 115-acre, 18-hole Altadena Country Club, built in 1910. After three tumultuous decades of existence, the current extent of the course was sold to the County in 1946. It is located in Altadena, California below the San Gabriel Peak.

In order to reduce water consumption and improve sustainability and performance, DPR intends to refurbish Altadena Golf Course’s irrigation system and reduce the quantity of heavily-irrigated, non-native turf at the golf course. Our project examines the current condition of Altadena Golf Course’s turf and irrigation system and proposes a conceptual approach for turf reduction to include native grasses and non-irrigated native scrub very similar to another County project we worked on, the Marshall Canyon Golf Course. Finally, the project identifies potential rebates and opportunities for funding to aid in project construction.