APA Los Angeles Merit Award for Metro’s L.A. Union Station Master Plan by Gruen/Grimshaw

Jun 16, 2016Awards

The Gruen/Grimshaw team received the Next LA Merit Award from AIA|LA for the Union Station Master Plan project.

The Gruen/Grimshaw team provided a Master Plan to transform Southern California’s primary transit hub into a world-class station; connecting 17 million people across five counties. Master Plan recommendations, improvements and projects identified respond to program goals; transit optimization as the foundation of the Master Plan, followed by destination and connectivity. An illustrative approach to the incorporation of a high-speed rail station is flexible and open to other station alignments. Key components consist of a new expanded, landscaped concourse at the same level as the station and beneath the railyard to link the two sides of the site, consolidated bus plaza and new east entrance with station amenities addressing future demand to optimize operations. Improvements, joined by 3.2 million SF of new commercial development with architectural massing showcasing and preserving the historic station, are part of planning efforts for the 50-acre site. Specific sustainability measures were adopted for four framing characteristics; Infrastructure, Transit, Socio-economic and Identity for the 1st LEED-ND Registered transit project.