Reading Avenue Co-Living

Los Angeles, California

Gruen Associates is the Design Architect and Landscape Architect for this co-living apartment building project located in Los Angeles. Through co-living, residents pay for their own private living space, but share communal areas, coming together to form an environment which promotes face-to-face interactions. As part of this goal, this project has several opportunities for gathering and collaboration including outdoor amenities such as rooftop lounge areas with fire pits, grill station with bar, communal garden, and lawn seating nodes for relaxation. Also throughout the building are areas for flexible recreational activities and community events such as yoga and movie nights. Focusing on maximizing green areas, the entrance utilizes terraced raised planting beds, allowing for a large variety of plants to be displayed. Within the courtyard, a unifying feature is a forest of bamboo trees, which provides tall greenery that can be enjoyed throughout the building.