OCTA Bus Rapid Transit Station Plan

Orange County, California

Gruen Associates was in charge of the Programming, Urban, Architectural and Landscape Design to develop a station design plan for 80 miles along two bus rapid transit (BRT) demonstration corridors. The program proposed 40 stations, six major destinations, three new and one existing transit centers, and 11 stops with station markers only. The bus lines would traverse 10 cities, linking diverse settlements such as densely-urban downtown Santa Ana, suburban Garden Grove and the exclusive community of Newport Beach. The award-winning program needed to appeal to a wide range of patrons and geographical conditions. BRT line features included limited stop operation, changeable message signs, new station canopies, a distinctive bus, and specific marketing and branding. Major program components were a durable, easily-maintained 12-piece “kit-of-parts” station to shelter patrons from weather, adjust to sun angles and sidewalk widths, and pedestrian amenities to enhance the transit environment.