Los Angeles Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements Project

Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements project will transform the passenger experience for those traveling to and from LAUS as pedestrians and bicyclists and will reestablish the connection between LAUS and the surrounding historic and culturally significant communities. This project includes a raised crosswalk to link the historic El Pueblo district to Union Station and creates a vital visual link between these two important spaces. The project also recreates the streetscape along Alameda Street to include a 2-way bike path, an extended sidewalk with new pedestrian and street lights, and new street trees with bulb-out planters that enhance the pedestrian experience for everyone utilizing public transportation and the surrounding neighborhood.

In addition, a portion of Los Angeles Street will be repurposed to expand the pedestrian and plaza area, and the parking lot in front of Union Station will be transported into a forecourt with sustainable pedestrian and cyclist amenities and a flexible gathering place with space for special events.