Long Beach Downtown and TOD Pedestrian Master Plan

Long Beach, California

Gruen Associates prepared a Pedestrian Master Plan that works as a model/framework for Long Beach. The Plan includes a list of short-term (detailed and with cost estimates), mid-term and long-term CIP projects for the City to pursue funding. Approved in May 2016, the Plan provides the policies, guidelines and standards to ensure that all CIP projects incorporate best practices for pedestrian design and identify catalytic infrastructure projects, while providing guidance to Public Works for urban design issues. Moreover, the Plan is consistent with, and further defines, the Downtown Plan and Pedestrian Priority Areas identified in the Mobility Element. All of Gruen’s project efforts ensured that the Pedestrian Master Plan would support goals for a vibrant mixed-use, TOD community. The recommended $70 million in new pedestrian infrastructure projects are for the City over the next 15 years. Extensive community outreach efforts have allowed some elements to move forward into development.