Lincoln Park Neighborhood Green Street Network

Los Angeles, California

The Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Green Network Project, in collaboration with LASAN and the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, is set to install new stormwater infrastructure improvements in Lincoln Park and the surrounding neighborhood and lake. These improvements will enhance stormwater management as well as provide attractive green spaces for residents to enjoy throughout the year.

The primary objective is to turn the streetscape into a green street that benefits the community by improving air quality and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. The project will encompass about three miles of new green street improvements located west of Mission Road and north of Alhambra Avenue, featuring drywells, street trees, vegetated medians, and parkway planters. This will enable the project to capture and infiltrate roughly 77 acre-feet of runoff annually. As part of the project, the current pathway along the southwestern edge of the lake will be replaced with a bioswale, featuring California-friendly vegetation. The bioswale will be designed to capture and absorb nutrients from runoff during storm events and irrigation, minimizing the impact on the lake’s water quality. Bioswales will be constructed all around the lake, and a California-friendly garden will be cultivated north of the lake, improving habitat for fauna in the park.

The project also aims to engage the community by organizing various events, workshops, and educational programs to raise awareness about the project and its significance to the neighborhood. The objective is to create a vibrant and sustainable neighborhood that instills a sense of pride and connection among its residents.