Hollywood Bowl Shell Renovation and Stage Replacement*

Los Angeles, California

Gruen Associates prepared plans for the Guaranteed Maximum Price renovation of the stage and shell of the Hollywood Bowl. The concept design for the shell by Hodgetts + Fung was implemented by Gruen Associates as the Architect. This renovation project, totaling approximately 16,000 SF, included the complete replacement of the 1927 shell as well as all of the back-of-house facilities, such as dressing rooms, operations offices, outdoor terrace and concession stand. Technical solutions to acoustical problems were resolved through innovative project delivery techniques, including the Design-Build solution to the complicated acoustic “halo” over the orchestra. Construction commenced at the end of the 2003 season and was completed in time for “A Star is Born! – Opening Night at the Hollywood Bowl” for the 2004 season. Gruen previously completed the design of the renovation of the understage, which comprised the initial part of a two-phase improvement program for the renowned Hollywood Bowl.

* Gruen Associates is the Executive Architect.