Harry Winston

Beverly Hills, California

The Harry Winston Jewelry Salons are located in up-scale retail centers throughout the world. Much like the rare one-of-a-kind gemstone pieces they showcase, the salons are miraculously detailed and sculpted in the finest of high quality materials. Gruen Associates is the Executive Architect for this new three-story, 7,500-SF flagship store for Harry Winston on Rodeo Drive. Bronze trimmed rich velvet and silk covered walls are punctuated with faceted bronzed glass or gold plated vitrines. Black lacquered showcases sit delicately on custom plush carpets. Silver leafed ceilings top off the main salon spaces. The façade incorporates a cast bronze wave by artist Gregory Ryan. The project received an Architectural Design Award from the Beverly Hills Architectural Commission. Gruen Associates is also the Architect for stores in Chicago, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Honolulu, Houston, Las Vegas, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuwait, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taipei.