Fred Leighton*

Beverly Hills, California

For estate jewelry store Fred Leighton, the theme is Art Deco meets Modern. Hammered bronze panels dominate the geometric Rodeo Drive storefront, which features display windows flanking either side of the stately entrance portal. Once inside, the slender, tall space is divided into four zones utilizing the concept of compression and release.  The entry zone features a soaring double-height volume flanked by paired sculptures. The second zone features a white cube where the museum quality jewelry can be accented. The third zone features banks of display cases and a sales bar. The final cube functions as a VIP lounge with cowhide upholstered walls and ceiling creating an intimate atmosphere. Interior walls throughout the store are orchestrated with swaths of Venetian plaster, rosewood paneling, full-length mirrors and fabric panels. The lighting is punctuated with custom pendants suspended from clusters of streamlined tubes. Perimeter casework features gouged oak and leather inlays alongside frames of polished stainless-steel and glass.

* Gruen Associates is the Executive Architect.