Belvedere Park Landscape Improvements

Los Angeles, California

Belvedere Community Regional Park is a recreation destination for the community and the largest park in East Los Angeles. The current project is a conversion of the existing baseball/soccer field into soccer fields/futsal courts with a replacement of the grass with new synthetic turf, drainage and irrigation. An improved central pedestrian plaza between the new soccer fields and existing restrooms/skatepark with security lighting and new shade trees will create a new enhanced entry point where residents can access the new amenities.

A new bioswale will run along the pedestrian plaza in front of the new athletic fields that will collect the stormwater runoff from the adjacent impermeable surfaces and use soil and native planting to remove pollution before the water reaches the storm drain. The bioswale was installed to demonstrate how Green Infrastructure strategies can be effectively utilized to manage and treat stormwater. These efforts are part of the County’s ongoing commitment to addressing park inequities and creating safe, welcoming and ample green spaces where residents can live and play, leading to healthier communities.