AAa/e Foundation Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Hosted by Terasaki Budokan / Designer Gruen Associates is a Gold Sponsor

Jun 16, 2022News

One of the newest venues to open since Covid-19 restrictions have relaxed, Terasaki Budokan hosted the first in-person Fundraising event since 2019 for the Asian American Architects & Engineers Foundation (AAa/e Foundation). Gruen designed the long-awaited Little Tokyo multi-purpose facility, which completed construction in September/October 2020.

Held on June 16th in Terasaki Budokan’s lush outdoor plaza, the affair was a return to the organizations main method of fundraising –providing a wine tasting event, lite fare and creating opportunities to meet with industry peers and VIP guests.

Each year, the AAa/e Foundation awards scholarships and grants to students, colleges and young professionals. Last year, the Foundation awarded $55,000 in grants and scholarships to 13 individuals, raising the total to over $400,000 and over 170 individuals since 1994. This was only possible because of the support of firms like Gruen Associates, one of this year’s Gold Sponsors.

As a primary source of funding to continue operations and provide scholarships, the AAa/e Association & the AAa/e Foundation receives donations that match their spirits and mission statements in bringing forward the next generation of leaders in the AEC industry.

Caption for Image 5: Gruen Associates’ team includes (from left-to-right) Kevin Lui, Devon Barnes, (AAa/e Foundation Board Member), Nicole Lawson, Nicholas Giglia and Nicholas Decker.