Los Angeles River Valley Bikeways and Greenways

Los Angeles, California

Gruen Associates’ urban design solutions will re-imagine and help complete the Los Angeles River trail system throughout the San Fernando Valley. The new Bikeway/Greenway will improve regional livability by providing expanded active transportation options with new access to transit, homes, schools, jobs, nature, recreation and other community-serving amenities.

Gruen Associates and team members developed a conceptual design, feasibility study and environmental documentation for multiple segments of a bicycle path and greenway along the Los Angeles River banks between Vanalden Avenue to the West and Forest Lawn/Zoo Drive to the East. The project converts the existing maintenance road along the Los Angeles River into a greenway, which includes a Class I Bicycle Path designed to Caltrans standards, and landscaping designed with the County of Los Angeles River Master Plan: Landscaping Guidelines and Plant Palettes, and other site improvements.

This project will be consistent in design and character with previously-constructed bicycle path sections while providing opportunities for neighborhood theming (e.g. signage, interpretive elements, landscaping, furnishings and fencing). Design improvements will also include modification to 10 street ends interfacing with the bicycle path and greenway for stormwater capture and treatment opportunities including BMPs such as infiltration systems and high-efficiency biofiltration/bioretention systems. Gruen is currently preparing construction documents for several segments.